3 Skin Myth Busters

We are severely saturated with products and info today. How do we know what works and what's hype? Well, I've been digging. What I'm finding is that some of our at-home staples may have quite a bit of myth surrounding them. 

With that, I bring to you 3 products that aren't quite what they're are boasted to be:

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera: There is no doubt that Aloe Vera has healing properties--it's been used for centuries, from the ancient Greeks to every person who has forgotten to slather on sunscreen when they go to beach.  The question is, does Aloe Vera really have the ability to heal burns?  The answer is really up in the air because the research of many scientists on Aloe Vera's effect on burns has been inconclusive.  An article in the New York Times took a look at a few studies that found that while Aloe Vera may have soothing properties, topically, it can't heal a burn in a substantial way. That said, there is nothing better than the real thing. And anyone who has their own plant will swear by it. Check out this awesome post on the top five home uses from the Parsimonious Princess here. So instead of buying that turquoise blue or electric green bottle of gel from your grocer, hit up your local nursery instead and grab yourself a real deal aloe plant.

Botanical Extracts: While I adore the scents and the slew of benefits they offer from mental clarity to burning off that pesky little zit (take a miniscule drop of Oregano oil to it and feel the burn!). Some cleansing products  infused with botanical extracts claim youth enhancing benefits. The truth, as you probably already guessed, is that this usually isn't so. In a great article about anti-aging products on Dr. OZ's website, Ni'Kita Wilson busts the myth about cleansers with botanical extracts.  While botanical extracts can help reduce wrinkles and blemishes, for them to work they need to sit on your skin for a long time. Washing your face with a cleanser is simply not enough time for the botanical extracts to actually work.  Wilson suggests that if you are already using one of these cleansers that you are better off finding a cheaper one that uses a formula with the same surfactants but lacks the botanical ingredients that makes your cleanser pricy. However, if you're a nature junkie and love the idea of using a botanical product on your skin, there is nothing better than 100% Pure Organic Argan Oil. Click the link for an amazing product with great pricing here.

Anti-Aging Products that Include both Retinol and Acids:  In the same article, Wilson points out another beauty product myth: that products with retinol and acid will have an anti-aging impact on your skin.  In reality, because of their chemical make-ups, retinols and acids cannot coexist in the same product and still be effective.  FutureDerm has a great post that explains the scientific reasons why these ingredients cannot work together.  FutureDerm recommends that the way to get the best effects of both is to use retinol products at night and acidic products during the day. Great tip. Thanks Future Derm! If you're looking for a Retinol favorite of mine, check out SkinMedica Tri-Retinol Complex ES. It does wonders for minimizing fine lines and keeping your skin looking fresh and supple. Check out what the Refinery29 has to say about it.


 What products have you done detective work on? Tell us in a post below and as always, I adore hearing from you. Questions and comments are welcome!